To be in love with God

Semida David is a trained economist, after working for some years as a financial inspector, she quit her job and chose a humanist path.Together with her husband, she owns and manages a guesthouse in the mountains. There, she has created a spiritual center, Shanti Spiritual Centre. She is a Bowen, Reiki, Bach and Yoga therapist. She conducts ‘Yoga for Health’ class at her hometown’s Culture House, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. There, she has hosted conferences on Indian culture. She also hosts different spiritual courses such as: Happiness Course, Guiding Souls beyond Death Course and Youth Elixir – Immortality Elixir.She is currently writing spirituality books, both for kids (a series of tales with Angels) and for adults. She has taught Romanian Language at an Indian University.

She coordinates a theatre group, putting on stage mainly spiritual plays written and directed by her. She has been on tour in India several times. Loving spiritual travels, she has visited special places in Europe, Israel, Egypt and India, and written about them.Her greatest joy is to be of help to others, in every possible way. Her latest book- “Always Be Happy” traces the spiritual journey of the author. A deeply moving book, it is written straight from the heart. From being an atheist brought up in Communist Romania, the author gradually turns to God.

What’s the main message you hope readers take from your book? 

God is accessible to everyone and loves us equally.

Who or what inspires you the most?

The Infinite love of God.

It seems like more people are searching for inner peace and meaning in their life. This is especially true in the western world. Many westerners are drawn to India.  Why do you think this is happening?

This is because in India there are many saints. They have touched the inner peace, they have touched God.

What motivated you to found the Shanti Spiritual Center?

Our aim is to bring Indian spirituality to Romania. To open a gateway to spirituality for the Romanian people.

In your opinion, why is yoga so important for the times we’re living in?

YOGA brings balance to mind, body and soul.

What would you advise if someone wants to be happy and have peace of mind in his/her life?

To be in love with God.

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