“It’s the human encounters that provide the biggest rewards”

In 2015, David Wu walked for 600 km from Kuala Lumpur to Kelantan to raise funds to help repair homes affected by the big flood in Kelantan, Malaysia. The following year, he cycled from his home town of Alor Setar, Malaysia to his ancestral home town in Taishan, China, raising funds to repair more damaged homes and also to search for his grandfather's birthplace. Now, David Wu wants to raise funds for children with cancer, and he wants to ‘take’ these kids to the Seven Modern Wonders of the World. As he cycles worldwide, funds raised will go to The National Cancer Society of Malaysia’s Children’s Home of Hope. This time he flags off with Ving Lee on Merdeka Day to travel to the 7 Modern Wonders of the World, again by bicycle .All they ask is that the public follow their journey and donate ONE Ringgit to help the children.

What is the message that you want to convey through this journey of yours-“One Ringgit, One Malaysian?

I think the message speaks for itself.  The rally call of “A Ringgit A Malaysian” simply means that as a collective, we can do so much by giving the absolute minimum. Every individual can only do so much but coming together as a society, we can certainly do a lot more provided we participate. Participation is key in the realization of any dream or ambition. 

In terms of logistics what is going to be the most challenging leg of your journey?

Well, I did think that India was going to be a tough challenge, but on a more serious note, I think the leg from New Delhi to Jordan will probably be the most challenging logistically. There will be barren land and deserts to cross. The geopolitical scenario in the Middle East is also looking rather prohibitive as far as easy passage is concerned. Jordan is surrounded by countries that are either at conflict or just unsafe to go through. We haven’t quite pinned down the exact route as yet since situations can change by the day in that region. We have an idea, but I think it will only reveal itself further as we get closer. 

You did a 4,000km cycling expedition from Kedah to China. Have you had any major setbacks in that trip, or sketchy situations you had to get yourself out of?

The ride to China was pretty much smooth sailing throughout. It was my first attempt at solo long distance cycling so I guess the challenge was very much a mental one. The fear of the unknown, so to speak. However, my security was never at any risk, looking back, although it didn’t feel like it at the time when I was stranded up in the mountains of Laos till very late at night. That episode was quite hairy, being all alone in pitch darkness in the middle of nowhere familiar. 

Did you ever feel like giving up, if so why? And what kept you going?

No, there hasn’t been a day that I felt like giving up. It will be a long journey nevertheless and I think coming to terms with that fact is key to keep moving forward. Of course there will be times when one will feel homesick or food sick, but in undertaking such a journey, you’ll just need to keep reminding yourself that you weren’t going to start something you don’t intend to finish. If you say it, do it. Getting to the finish line is in itself a huge motivation. 

What has been the most rewarding moment?

I guess it’s the human encounters that provide the biggest rewards. The kindness and generosity shown by total strangers is quite a treat and goes a long way to provide the optimism that deep down, the human nature is still good. We have had some amazing encounters with the people in India, especially in the more rural areas. The sights along our journey are also great feasts to the eyes and make it all worth the while. 

What did this journey teach you about yourself and adventure?

I think we’ll really only know the answer to that when the journey concludes, but at this point in time, I think the journey thus far has made us realize the depth of our own strengths. It is not an easy expedition by any means but I’m glad to say we have shown some incredible resolve up till now. 

Of late we have seen many such journeys associated with a cause. What are your thoughts about this trend?

I didn’t realise this was trending? I think it’s a good thing to associate an effort with a cause or charity. I mean, wouldn’t it be such a great waste of all that energy, focus and effort if none of it went towards helping those who could use a leg up? 

Follow his journey- https://www.facebook.com/SevenWunders/


  1. As always, my compassion and admiration for these two ambitious caring strong men helping a cause for those who are weak struggling with children cancer. It is difficult enough when an adult struggles with cancer, but we as humans hardly want to even discuss the fact that children suffer with cancer. It touches a raw nerve in us. May others be inspired and keep cheering on Ving Lee and David Woo and their cause by contributing so very little as it means so very much. This is yet another fine article and I am inspired once again. As a humble thank you and to encourage the charming and often comical wit that these two young whippersnappers manage to keep through such a courageous journey to help others I am going to donate once again...Today I will donate $50 U.S. Dollars to this cause, and I hope I inspire others to step up to the plate. Hugs

  2. Great write up!David Wu and Ving Lee have many friends here in Malaysia, myself included, and we strongly support their great humanitarian venture, and thank them for making this journey to bring more focus and garner financial support for a very worthy cause. They are pushing themselves physically, and emotionally, while adjusting to unfamiliar territories and cultures and food, which speak to their commitment and tenacity. Love you, David and Ving. Keep the flag flying high.


  3. A very noble cause indeed. Heard so much of David Wu but never met him personally. May God guide you both and guard you all the way to your goals. Cheers and thank you for being Malaysians.

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