About time, form and space

Recently the The Indo-German Art Forum 2017 which  is jointly planned and managed by the Arts Acre Foundation, Kolkata, and GDIZ Gesellschaft für Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit e.V. (German-Indian Association), based in Munich / Germany was held. Uwe Jonas was one of the participating artist.He is a painter, who uses the instruments and methods of a sculptor.

Portal, Mountain Machine und Pole 2,
installation view palace chapel,
Gallery Ewald Schrade, Mochental, 2009
Was art a part of your life when you were growing up? Can you remember your first introduction to art?
Art has become part of my life since I was 15. I started creating little sculptures made of brass + wood and drawing political cartoons. At the age of seventeen I got influenced by the Russian painter W. Kandinsky and turned myself to abstract painting.

What is your goal with each sculpture you make?

The concentration of reaching the only form full of tension and passion. It is the coincidence of lightness and density, gravity and transparence.

Describe your creative process. How long does it take for a piece to go from idea to final product?

I am following my series (e.g. squares, colored items) for a long time, they are ongoing projects. Ideas appear and vanish, so is the process building and destroying. A final result may appear after a period between a month, a year or a decade.

Jeju Island 8, Basalt and Steel,
27 x 27 cm, Uwe Jonas, 2013

What do you hope the people would take away after watching your Jeju Island Series?

I hope the people get attracted by the charm of the Series. The arrangements are kept totally simple giving the stones the ultimate chance to dance in their cage.

How does painting compare to sculpting for you?

Painting means two- dimensional organization, sculpture means three- dimensional painting.

What is your key piece of advice for artists embarking on fine art or creative degree today?

Art is an organizing science, a serious game of building and destructing. The character is analytical and synthetical. The concern is about time, form and space.

For more information - www.uwejonas.de

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