Musical ‘CHEF’ fun-packed with rich sounds and vivid visualizations!

‘BIBAP’ was shown tremendous love for the past 6 years since its premiere in 2011. Now 'BIBAP' is beginning a new chapter with a new name, ‘CHEF’. Not only has the name changed, but the music and choreography are also enhanced with more musical elements and upgraded scenes to showcase a truly dynamic performance. The upgraded musical ‘CHEF’fun-packed with rich sounds and vivid visualizations!  It’s an explosive stage where a world-class level of b-boying and beatbox are deliberately combined. Every facial expression and movement of the performers is thoroughly calculated, naturally incorporating slapstick comedy in the show. The raw comedy and the element of surprise brings vivacious laughter in the audience. Also, ‘Chef’ is an interactive performance that encourages participation from different audience members, which in turn generates unexpected laughter! The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, New Delhi supported by the Korean Consulate in Kolkata hosted “Tasty Korea-a Korean Musical night”. Miok Kim the PR Team Manager of musical CHEF talks about the BIBAP CHEF.

Why is it that BIBAP CHEF is one of Korea’s favorite shows and has been well-received at global venues?

There are 3 factors why musical CHEF can be loved in all over the world.Firstly, musical CHEF is non-verbal performance. So regardless of audience’s language, they can understand our storyline and what our performers are doing. Secondly, musical CHEF has explosive energy.  It has well-made comedy and dynamic performance of our actors. Finally, our performance has a connotation of the charm of Korea. That’s why our show is one of the famous Korean wave performance.

Could you enlighten our readers about Korea’s rich food culture?

 Korean food is well-being and variety; moreover it is good for health. Korean share food together and exchange feeling. Bibimbap is one of the famous Korea traditional food. It is well-being food because of being made with fresh ingredients. There is bibimbap scene in the musical CHEF. We would like to share the Korea’s food culture with global audience through our show.

What have been the most memorable performances so far?

We have performed various countries during 7 years. We were impressed each external performances. Every external performance, we met new local audiences. The audiences move us every moment. That’s why each external performance is meaningful for us.   Especially this performance in Kolkata, we were very impressed with the audiences. There were many young audiences and they were interested in Korean culture. Also we got a big round of applause. It was the first performance in India, so it has been very pleasant memories for a long time to our team.
How was your experience performing in Kolkata?

The Kolkata people brought smile and it will remain in our memory. We can feel the new future of India through passionate young people of Kolkata. We thought that if we could perform for a long time in Kolkata, it would be really great.  So, we hope that we can go to Kolkata again for performance.

​What are the future plans for the group?

We are trying to meet audiences of diverse country. We have plan for external performance in many countries for the next year and long-term performance in some major cities.  Also we are planning to do nationwide tour in India.

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