The interaction of line, surface, space and colour

Karin Schuff is a painter, in the old meaning. She's working with traditional materials, like oil on canvas or ink and gouache on paper. But her interest is not narrative, she isn't trying to tell you a story or try to show you something you know or have seen. All that matters is the interaction of line, surface, Space and colour. Karin was one of the participants of at the Indo German Art Festival held at the Arts Acre.

Where do you find the inspiration for your creations?

My work is not narrative. My intentions and methods are just painterly. I try to build indefinite rooms , made of  lines, surfaces and colours. 

Where do you find the inspiration for your creations?

I find Inspiration almost everywhere, in nature or in the city, everywhere where I can find forms and colours- but I never paint exactly what I see, just remembering or reminiscences of the real world. 

How do you think digitalisation is changing the art world?

I think that we are only in the beginnings of the era of digitalisation- and of course it will change art as well as almost everything else. The development of computer Games shows how fast things happen. The kids of today are already feeling at home in virtual parallel universes. And they will have a totally new approach to art when they grow up. But I also think that there always will be room for traditional painting as well. 

What advice do you have for emerging artists?

My advice to emerging artists, is to try to stay authentic and true to their own work. 

What role does the artist have in society?

My own work has no political or Social Intentions, but I do of course sometimes appreciate political works made by other artists. I believe that everybody, if artist or not has got an obligation to try to change the world into a better one.

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