Kabaddi is gaining a foothold in Kenya

Phelix Odhiambo Opana from Kenya first came to India to represent Bengal Warriors in the third season of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi.

You can take the Kenyan out of athletics, but you can't take the athlete out of a Kenyan.  What makes Kenyan great sportsperson?

A Kenyan sportsperson I think is natural on their system since practice starts from childhood to date depending on a chosen sport of a person’s interest.

How did your interest for kabaddi happen?

I meet Simon kibura at the gym invited me to check out on the game and that's how the interest developed.

What is the present scenario of kabaddi in Kenya?

Kabaddi is the biggest game now in Kenya but with little government support but we hope for the best in coming days.

Is kabaddi gaining popularity in Kenya?

So far kabaddi is the talking game in town everyone is interested in knowing how it’s done especially after our performance in 2016 world cup and last month beach kabaddi tournament in Mauritius.

You have played various sports. How supportive were your parents? Was there any person who inspired you?

My family is a sports family. My dad is a military football coach and present referee in Kenyan football federation while my three sisters are international football players in Norway and United States of America. My mother used to be a volleyball player so there is positive support and my dad is always my mentor.

According to you what qualities should one have to excel in kabaddi?

To me experience first, agility, awareness, strength, flexibility; fiscally fitness too adds a plus to a kabaddi champion.

How has been your experience in India so far?

India is the best place to be.


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