The “Mind-Body “Battle

Recently, First Chess Boxing Amateur World Championships was organized by Chess Boxing Organization of India in association with World Chess Boxing Organization took place in Kolkata. More than a hundred fighters from all over the world like Russia, India, Iran, France and Italy participated. Thomas Cazeneuve from France was the official amateur chess boxing world championship gold medalist at the tournament.

How long have you been chess boxing for and what got you into it?

My first chess boxing fight was in January 2015. It was a kind of show for a French web series on Canal+, so not a real fight, more a demonstration to promote the sport! I've been interested in this sport since a longer time but I couldn't find an opportunity to fight! I made 3 more after + this tournament and won all of them! I started fighting when I was 15, by doing kick boxing, French boxing, MMA also and now only boxing! I started chess when I was 4 years old!

What sort of strength and conditioning program do you follow?

I'm training 6 days / week in boxing. I have also a diet and I'm trying to live in the more healthy way possible! Concerning chess, it's everyday by learning theory, openings, endings etc.

What has been the most memorable fight for you?

I think the most memorable fight for me and also the hardest was my first official fight in Berlin for the Intellectual Fight Club! I was fighting Igor, a Russian man from the Moscow chess boxing club! I won the fight in the 5th round of chess after 4 rounds of boxing!

How is the present scenario of chess boxing in France?

I'm trying to create the French federation currently! Wilfried, Matthieu and Stephane have the same will so together we will come up with something very interesting! For me a lot of people are curious about this discipline and there is really something to do about it! And maybe a chess boxing will be organized in Montpellier in May!

Do you have any advice for youngsters who are considering taking up chess boxing professionally?

My advice will be to train in both disciplines. It's not enough if you're a good boxer but not a good chess player and the contrary is also true. You really need to focus on this sport as a whole! Also, always stay focus it's never over! Your opponent can make a big mistake on the board, you can throw a lucky punch etc. Chess boxing is very tricky, make strategy! If you're better in chess, don't take any risk in boxing for instance!

And of course it's like everything, there is no secret, there is no shortcut, if you want something you just don't count the cost and do whatever it takes to get it. Don't listen to anybody, believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you want.

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