Holly Riva, singing with passion and purpose for positive change.

Holly Riva Moore, 14 years old, a passionate member of the Sydney Australia arts community and Nida, Australia’s leading school for Acting and performing.   Joining The Australian Theatre for Young People at the tender age of 3 ( ATYP ) in which many of the Australian greats studied such as Cate Blanchet, Nicole Kidman and Rebel Wilson.

After staring in many theatre productions, Holly is excited to have a new challenge, being signed up for a half feature European/Australian production, being filmed in Europe later this year. Holly takes the role of “Fleur” a ghost teenager and honored to have written a song featured in the movie.

Holly’s love of singing, acting and dancing has enabled her to perform in many counties worldwide, from as far as London Park Lane to Rishikesh India. In Rishikesh India, Holly sang by the river Ganges for the United Nations “Wonderful World, “to over 5,000 thousand people, celebrating Diwali and promoting clean water and global awareness.

Holly is proud to be an ambassador for The Hope Foundation Kolkata that looks after underprivileged street children; her message is “kids for kids”. Holly shares her gift in bringing a little magic to others lives. Once a year embracing a crowd of over 3000 people in performing and generating awareness at Foundation Day Kolkata.

Holly has a passion for writing her own music and is working towards producing her own album and currently rehearsing for events in Sydney, London and India later this year. Recently she performed at the Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata organised by Earth Day Network-India.

Who/what inspires you musically?

I have a large appetite for a variety of different genres of music including jazz, soul and pop with a twist of ethnic Indian. My favourite artists include- Adele, Lady Rizo, Michel Buble, Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse and Sukanya Gosh.

Any specific song that is close to your heart and what is the story behind the song?

Summertime has inspired me as an artist as it is so powerful and timeless due to its metaphors of freedom and justice of the African American community.

I heard this song when I was seven years old, it touched my heart and ignited my artistic passion to interpret and create my own version which was my first time I ever made a rendition of a song. I have proudly sung this song all around the world.

What stands out as being one of the highlights of your career?

There has been many however 3 that come to mind are;
I opened Diwali singing for the Governor General of UP and swami Chidanada in Rishikesh it was beyond belief as thousands of people lined the holy river and I felt spiritually transported. London Park Lane, Four Seasons Hotel for a private fund raising function for the Hope Foundation, many high profile people attended. It was such an honour to close the event.

I am also an actor and was fortunate to have a lead role in a 3 month production called Mum and Dad, performed on stage in my home town of Sydney Australia.

You are a young Ambassador for Hope Foundation. Do you think that a musical artist has a sort of obligation to society?

I honestly feel that as an artist we have not so much an obligation more so a choice to create awareness with matters that concern us and close to our hearts. Allot of entertainers are not interested and that's their choice. For me singing with a purpose is more inspiring and far more powerful in change making.

Pic courtesy : Oxford Bookstore Kolkata
What are some of your most memorable experiences in Kolkata?

From the age of eight I have performed in the Science City stadium in Kolkata for The Hope Foundation. The feeling of having over four thousand people watching your performance is beyond words and joining in with the children of Hope in their amazing performances is truly magical. On that stage at the age of eight I had this amazing moment when I decided that this is my passion, this is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life.

What can your fans look forward to in the future?

This year I am so excited to announce I’m acting in a short feature film called “Reflexione”. 
We are shooting in Austria and I am honoured to play the third main. This will be shown at all the international film festivals around the world. I have written a song that production has approved for the movie! It’s my first song I have written for a film.

Also continue to write songs for my future album due to be released within two years. I am hoping to also return to Kolkata late October to perform live.

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