“We prefer to stay underground rather than compromise on taste”- Yuvraj Chhetri

Rusty Nails (originally from Darjeeling )is a blues, rock and jazz fusion band from Nepal. The outfit that have played at Moksh, House of Music, Jazz Festivals, Safari camps and National events in Nepal and India. In their thirty years of touring, they have played more than 5000 gigs, including shows at the Palmers Street Jazz. Festival (Australia), Razzberry Rhinocerous (Mumbai), IIT Mardi Gras (Chennai), the Kingdom of Bhutan.They have been winners of the IIT Spring Fest (Kharagpur) and, every year, they play at the Darjeeling Tea and Tourism festival, organized by the Government of West Bengal. Recently, Yuvraj Chhetri (Guitarist/ Vocalist,founder member), Hemraj Chhetri (Drums/ Vocalist ,founder member) and Shawn B Pyngrope( bassist) of Rusty Nails  performed with Laura Ann and Danny Khawas at the  SOAR Live Music Concert in Kolkata.  Abhijit Ganguly spoke to Yuvraj about the bands journey.

How did the name of the band-Rusty Nails come about?

The name came about when we're growing up in the 80's in India when the country had not developed as much as now. India was considered one of the less developed countries. As a result we felt like we were like rusty nails in a hinge of a door which was breaking apart. Moreover we grew up in Darjeeling a district of West Bengal which was neglected and in a time of the uprising.

How do you describe Rusty Nails sound? What characterize your music philosophy?

Rusty-nails sound is influenced by the blues, rock, jazz and funk. It's basically a fusion of different genres especially the aforementioned ones. The music philosophy has always been anything that is good is considered good in music and anything that is bad is bad and according to our ears we pick the good and play and get inspired. Philosophy of the band is that We prefer to stay underground rather than compromise on taste.

Where does Rusty Nails draw its inspiration?

Our Inspiration is drawn from good true musicians. The likes of BB King,Sting, Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd and so many out there.

Do you think that platforms like YouTube and MySpace are necessary for putting new bands’ music out there?

Myspace and YouTube is a great platform I guess. In our times, when we were younger we had no-space and no-tube !. I think we had been famous and a household name by now but no regrets absolutely whatsoever.

How do you see the music scene both in India and Nepal? Do you think musicians have a better chance at a professional career now than before?

The music scene in India is growing slowly but steadily apart from Bollywood which is on fire I guess commercially. But in Bollywood also we have seen the rise of quality over the years.  Nepal has a long way to go, it is laid back. Although it's a good place to train yourself . Let's keep that place for climbing and trekking. That's what it is best for and the recent devastation calls us to play music and raise funds for our fellow humans who are suffering there

Your word of advice for aspiring bands?

My suggestion for aspiring musicians is not to give up .We didn't have internet. Not only that we had no proper gears when we were starting out. Its not a piece of cake but Never give up!!

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