“We can be united in our love for music, peace, and understanding.” - Aaron Miller

                                                                                                   Pic courtesy - Difference United
Difference United, a Nashville, USA based Pop-Rock Band, known for message based lyrics and foot stomping music beats, performed Free live concerts from 9th to 15th November in various parts of Kolkata. The objectives of the concerts were: To spread the message of brotherhood, peace and hope amongst the youths of today through soulful & peppy music. To promote bonhomie amongst the audience through the performing art of music. To entertain public with concert of international level involving internationally acclaimed band with state of the art production quality.  Recently Rebecca Wade, lead singer, Aaron Miller, composer, keyboards, background vocalist and Amber Starks were present at the Kolkata Press Club. Abhijit Ganguly speaks to Aaron about the band.

Why the name Difference United?

The name Difference United stemmed out of a desire to combine multiple music styles into one unique sound. Our music is a combination of European Pop and American Rock. The name was also a concept in the sense that we wanted to encourage unity and understanding among different people groups, religions, and beliefs. Although we are all different individually, we can be united in our love for music, peace, and understanding.

How is the songwriting process for you?

It seems as an artist there are moments of struggle where you may have a musical hook but are missing the lyrics or the other way around. So half the battle is finding the right fit for lyrical ideas and the music. Typically I compose the musical hook first which is followed shortly after by the lyrics. Many times I am sitting at my grand piano in my home when ideas come or I could be driving around town. After I have an idea I typically record a rough draft, continue to refine it over days or weeks, and then enter the studio with a good idea of the exact sound I am looking for. For every song that is recorded there are dozens that are not for various reasons, but the process is always going on, almost every day.

                  Pic courtesy - Difference United
Tell us about your latest radio single - 'The Writing on the Wall’?

This was a very personal song for me. I had a family member who was going through a difficult time in their relationship. I tried to imagine what it was like. The raw emotions, the hurt, etc. I think many of us have been through tough times in our personal relationships. This song is about those times. But it is also about the future and is meant as an encouragement. The song has seen a good deal of radio success since its release two months or so ago and we have been humbled by the response.

Having performed across the world, how different is to perform in India?

 Each place we perform is special, but we get extremely excited when we have the opportunity to travel to India. There is a joy and love for life in the people at the shows that is so fresh. As an entertainer you feed off the energy of the crowd and there are few places in the world that compare to India in terms of that energy. So far our time in Kolkata has been wonderful. It is a beautiful, vibrant city. This is our first time performing in “The City of Joy” so we are excited to bring our music here for the first time live.

Any memory that's still afresh in your mind?

Our last tour in India we had the opportunity to perform in several cities, one of which was in the northeast, in a city named Shillong. We were humbled by the turnout, response, and the energy of the crowd. Some of the best nights of my personal music career. I know we are going to repeat that here in Kolkata!

Your words of advice for aspiring musicians?

Don’t give up on your dreams. Create even when there is no one but you to listen. Music is individual to each of us and should not be put in a box. Have the courage to create and share that unique side of yourself. It is a little scary to go against the trend or to be different, but it is who you are, individually, that matters. The world needs to hear what you have inside!

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