"Acrobatic pizza–maker" - Chef Pasqualino Barbasso

Chef Pasqualino Barbasso is a man with a mission-to make high quality Italian pizza and do it in the most entertaining way. This 36 year-old pizzaiolo is among the most skilful, famous masters of acrobatic pizza-making. In the last ten years, Pasqualino has travelled around the world offering his stunning performances to enhance the quality and taste of Italian pizzas made according to true Italian tradition.When did he first engage in this unique venture of giving pizza dough an acrobatic dimension? Pasqualino says,”At the age of 17, I became a pizzaiolo. I started training for acrobatic pizza two years later to enhance my skills. I have my own school and business in Italy. It is a good opportunity to show pizzas around the world. This is because people not only like to eat but also like to watch.” Recently, La Cucina in Hyatt Regency, Kolkata, organized special cooking classes conducted by Chef Pasqualino Barbasso.

So what are the key ingredients in an Italian pizza and what is the special technique to make the dough so elastic? Pasqualino says, “You need to have the best ingredients. You never compromise on quality, and never go for cheap ingredients. You have to let the dough rise for 24 hours before using it. You need good olive oil, good mozzarella ,fresh tomatoes.” Coming to his Indian sojourn, what local dish has he enjoyed so far? Pasqualino smiles, “It’s difficult to remember the names, but I liked paneer, kebabs and various kinds of Indian breads. During my workshops, I have found the staff to be good, innovative and open to new things.” His advice for aspiring chefs? He feels, “Follow your passion. A chef’s profession is like any other profession. Don't think only about the money. Money may come quickly, but if you don’t work in the right way, success won’t last for long.”

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