To her, India is a land of the 'Blue'

                                                                                                                                              Saori Kanda

Before she came to India, India used to appear to her as a place swathed in purple. After she arrived here, she started India in blue. As Saori Kanda, a painter from Japan, says “I realized blue is the colour of peace. And India to me stands for peace.”

Recently she created a riot with colours with her “music inspired painting” on a larger-than-life canvas with a Japanese folk fusion band named Kariyushi and, Miya fluitist. The place was Karigar Haat 2013, the International Art and Cultural Folk Festival orga- nized by AIM. Saori goes on, “I don’t have a preplanned idea while I paint. I try to get the vibrations and energy of the musicians playing and the mood of the audiences. For example the Koriyushi band was playing a song about mother and child.  It wasn’t about India nor Japan, It was about an universal thing. So I listened to the song, ideas came from the bottom of my heart and it exploded. Live painting is where all my passion is released. I exchange and share energy and emotions with people around me.” 

The Kariyushi band plays mostly traditional music from Yoron and Okinawa islands. With Tetsuhiko Tabata on vocals and sanshin and Miyako Maki, the band is now in its 16th year. It mostly plays folk songs of the region. The band players feel the songs talks about the true voice in our hearts. Though the young generation is getting drifted to modern western songs, the band tries to bring in modern elements into these songs so that these folk songs also become popular among the youth. Saori signs off saying, “We experience negative emotions, like anger, depression as well as cosmic emotions, the colour of love inside our self. We should let the positive thing blossom, like a white flower inside our heart,. When I paint, I try to spread that postivity to everyone around me. We must keep the white flower inside us continue to blossom all the  time.”

Saori talks about her journey, “I always loved drawing. During my childhood days, whenever I came across a piece of paper even if it has writings on the side, I just started drawing and that was my favourite play. So I grew up loving paintings and drawings. But long time ago, I worked with one musician who made me feel that I wanted to grow outside of the canvas. I thought the small canvas was not enough. I moved to painting spontaneously to her music as her music moved my heart and soul and that’s the time I started live painting.”

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