Hungary for the classical guitar

András Csáki was born in Budapest, Hungary, where he currently resides. He began to play the guitar when he was ll years old. In 2005, Csáki won the international guitar competition in Vienna, the “Forum Gitarre.” That year at Beograd, Serbia-Montenegro, he took first prize in the XXXV International Jeunesses Musicales Competition. In 2004, he won the Jan Edmund Jurkowski International Guitar Competition in Tychy, Poland. Talking about the present scenario of contemporary classical guitar, Andras feels, “The scenario of contemporary classical guitar looks very colourful. Many guitarists are going for crossover styles. I, though, personally prefer the conservative classical guitar playing. You can play many styles in this instrument, be it flamenco, bach, or contemporary. Classical guitar is very popular in my country. Most of the kids start by learning popular music, but when they go to music school they develop an interest in learning classical guitar. Guitar is one of the most popular instruments. It is not an expensive instrument. May be in future if I get a chance to collaborate with Indian musicians I will go for it.” Andras performed at the Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival & Competition 20l3. When asked whether he loves to play as a solo performer or in a chamber, Andras says, I enjoy playing both. In chamber music the responsibility is shared.” Taking about the intrusion of techno- logy, he feels, “The YouTube and internet are useful. As viewers, we can learn a lot about various performances that we may never be in a position to view first hand. But as concert musicians, we have to compete with YouTube and convince audiences to come to watch live concerts. So it has some ups and downs.” His advice for aspiring musicians, “Just enjoy it!”

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