An Awesome Twosome

                                                                                                                   Sanna and Bobby  
Duo NIHZ believes in out of the box performances. Thus they integrate music, theatre, narrative art and visual arts in their performances. Together Bobby Rootveld on guitar and Sanna van Elst on recorders forms Duo NIHZ. This ensemble is from the Netherlands. NIHZ in Dutch stands for ‘Niet-In-Het-Zwart’ and in English this translates to ‘Not-Wearing-Black-Clothes’. As Bobby elaborates, “We do two kinds of music. One is music with theatre and comedy. We believe in doing more creative stuff in addition to playing   instruments. We like to combine elements of comedy, magic, theatre and acrobatic influences with our music. We also play Jewish music. This is because it's part of my family and upbringing. I can bring in a lot of emotions to it.” In 2009 Duo NIHZ received a special 'Certificate of Acknowledgement' during the International Jewish Music Festival of Amsterdam. In January 2011, Duo NIHZ opened its own concert hall in Nordhorn, Germany. Bobby and Sanna are also the founders of the Guitar Festival, Nordhorn, and the Recorder Festival, Nordhorn. Bobby was about five years old when he fell in love with the music of the Beatles. He wanted to play their music and started reading books about them. The most important book for him was one about the Beatles in Rishikesh. His first dream was to be a musician and visit India.

Recently Duo NIHZ performed at the Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival & Competition 2013. Talking about it, Bobby says, “In festivals like this, people who share the same interests and have love for the same instrument meet and make new friends. When we first came here in 2010 we saw young guys in their 20s learning the guitar and now they are teaching guitar to children and these children have won awards at competitions outside India. This is a great development.”

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