Art does not have a goal oriented reason- Rolf Nikel

Recently German Painter, Rolf Nikel organized an art exbhition "Beats on Brushes” at Academy of Fine Arts , Kolkata. Rolf explains his work “My works are actually not pictures in a classical sense of images. They are very real as what they are. They are works which reveal themselves with certain easiness in real space. And they are able to – so I hope – unfold themselves directly (without any
intellectual questioning) in the perception of the viewer. They are not determined by a frame to the outside or by a certain theme. “  He adds, “Images and media always mismatch the measurements e.g. by putting the world into a frame or squeezing it onto the display of a mobile phone. Landscapes are compressed. Small things are magnified deliberately. The perception in these cases has nothing to do with the original distance anymore. Therefore I am interested in throwing back the observer of my works into his original sense of scale in his own physical size. People always want to explore the sense and the purpose of art. But art does not have a goal oriented reason.”

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