Still we know that nobody wants to pay for something he can get for free!- Abaji

Abaji was born in Lebanon, arrived in France in 1976 just after war. Music is a tradition in the family so he began the guitar at eleven followed by other instruments: clarinet and percussions and oud and bouzouki and flutes brought from his travels all around the world. Later he worked on the transformation of instruments to synthesize his musical passions: Indian music, Oriental music and blues. 

Where does the future of music lie - in downloads or in streaming services? 
Music is air; it was transformed into objects during a few decades. During those years lot of people made "good money”! It is over now. It is no more the music business that will do that "good money"; it will be those who define the commercial ways between the music business and the audiences. The meeting point is "publicity and commercials”! So both download and streaming will be part of the new business. Still we know that nobody wants to pay for something he can get for free!

What is your take on online piracy and illegal file-sharing problems?
I think that internet is the new frontier! To reach these new frontier lots of battles, lots of thieves, lots of music to discover! The leaders who want to rule the internet will have to be very careful... As everybody think the net as a free market, free bashing, free anything place to be! But in fact nothing is for free.... There is always someone who makes money with files he shares without paying for it.... Here is "publicity and commercials" coming again! The one who rules the highway will make you pay even if you don't take a dime out of your pocket! Your eyes and ears will see and listen to a commercial that is how you pay with your time. In fact that is the new business: make the people stand in front of the screen during the commercials.

What is your vision on Social Media as a tool to promote and get your music out?
I think that social media is a specialized way of what I answered above. Still a musician has to use what is offered to connect with audiences. They want the people to be in front of their computers for the promotions they are selling... We also have to use the same ways to do our promotion BUT we musicians don't do money through it! It is a way to connect and announce, to express our different talents and to get closer to people we met once or twice in our life! As I travel a lot, social media is the perfect tool to be close to people I met after a concert in India or China! And meet them again if I come back. It is a direct link to them.

What do you think the music industry will look like in 10 years?

Ten years! It is a century with the speed of the net! No one can tell what it will look like! But I know one thing: there will always be two businesses. One is the supermarket of music selling anything and on the other hand there will be the small shop, the artist himself or a small group of music lovers. I am part of the second business for sure!

What is your biggest advice for an independent musician?
My advice is to never listen to advices! Hahaha !!!

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