My show is based on audience participation, I constantly push the crowd to react and interact with me - Murray Molloy

Murray Molloy Sword Swallower Extraordinaire from Ireland has been performing and traveling all over the world from Australia to Laos and Portugal to Fiji, for more than fifteen years. He has performed on the street, in bars, clubs and festivals, in front of tribal chiefs and in the legendary Jim Rose Circus in America and the Edinburgh fringe festival. He has studied yoga in the spiritual capital of India, Benares and clown with the famous Jango Edwards in Barcelona. He currently lives in Spain where he is exploring new fusions with cutting edge creators from diverse fields.

What challenges did you encounter when you first started performing?

One of the biggest challenges was to make people comfortable watching me do what I do. Its a pretty scary stunt and I wanted to make it fun, that's been a huge challenge! Also because I started performing on the street it was a big challenge learning to attract and hold the attention of a crowd!

How do you connect with audiences and keep them engaged? 

My show is based on audience participation; I constantly push the crowd to react and interact with me, whether through jokes, moving among the audience or inviting people onstage.

Your experience of performing in Kolkata? 

I had a great time in Kolkata; the audience was a lot of fun, very energetic!

Origin of sword swallowing is traced back in India. Please share your views?

Sword swallowing originated in India of 3,500 years ago by Fakirs and Shaman priests who developed it along with fire-walking on hot coals, snake handling and other ascetic religious practices as a demonstration of their power, invulnerability and connection with the divine. Sword swallowing is still practiced in some parts of India and there is rumored to be a tribe in Andhra Pradesh who pass the art from father to son. From India sword swallowing spread to China, Greece, Rome and Europe, sword swallowers are mentioned in 410 AD during the Teutonic fight for Rome. From Europe it traveled to America.

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