“I think to grow like a musician it is very important to keep his determination to work things where we are not good”- Guillaume Blanc

Born in 1981, Guillaume began playing the violin at the age of 5. After studying classical violin, he learnt to know and love other musical aesthetics under the guidance of a great violinist and teacher of jazz improvisation Didier Lockwood. He also trained under Octavio Lopez, renowned contemporary music composer. Since 2001, he participated in many music and film projects that allow him to perform regularly both in France and abroad. He was invited as a soloist by famous French artists, such as SportoKantes , Didier Lockwood, André Ceccarelli, Jool, Louis Winsberg, The Rabeats.   In 2011 he was a finalist in Stéphane Grappelli’s Jazz Violin International Competition, winning the award for “Scenic Performance”. He holds a national degree (“Diplôme d’Etat”) in violin teaching, and teaches violin and viola in several conservatories in France. He is currently working on the development of Electric Suites, a Dj Set combining live instrumental and electronic music.

How did your tryst with violin happen? What were your initial inspirations? 
I met the violin when I was 4 years old! It was very simple: I saw a concert of the famous jazz violinist player  Didier Lockwood and from this moment, I wanted to do like him.

How do you see the present scenario of Violin (in general)?
I think there are a lot of brilliant violinists in western classical music...more and more and it becomes difficult to do his place in this area ....however, we are not a lot in jazz and improvisation so there are a lot of things to do in this aesthetic.

What in your opinion are the pros and cons of electric vs. acoustic violins?
I think there are no contradictions between acoustic and electric violin
We don ´t play the same repertoire with an electric and an acoustic violin. 
electric violin doesn’t take the place of acoustic one. It’s just different 
Which do you prefer?
Personally I prefer the big sound of the electric one when I play on stage and I prefer the subtlety of the acoustic one when I play and work at home.

Any upcoming projects we can look forward to?
I will develop Electric Suites in Europe and Asia and I will work with the choreographer Celine Pradeu Kanagasabai on a project which is called " Ballet ", it mix dance and music, it will be exciting !

How was your Kolkata trip experience?
I know about Kolkata because I went last year for 15 days with my family, it was an awesome city, very different of Paris, the city where I leave. it was a great and rich human experience.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring musicians?

I think to grow like a musician it is very important to keep his determination to work things where we are not good, it’s difficult but this is the only way to progress, it’s my opinion. 

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