Society has to learn to show respect for women

                                                                                                                         Channe Nussbaum, Radiant Arcadia, Denmark

Channe is a singer in Radiant Arcadia which comprises of a band of 12 women of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith backgrounds. She speaks to Abhijit Ganguly on the sidelines of SUFI SUTRA 2014 organised by

Women empowerment…
Women empowerment is essential for creating a healthy society. It will bring balance to India and it is the only way to make your country grow. Education for men and women is the key!

Crime against women...
Equality between sexes and social responsibility are keywords. Society has to learn to show respect for women. Already kindergarden and school kids need to learn that the sexes must be equal. Make family groups. Basically it’s a government responsibility to create laws to protect human rights. Rape, acid attacks, domestic violence and any other assaults should be punished by law. Government should make it a major task to support women NGO organizations all around India.

Women can be empowered to effect culture and politics…
Based on experiences around the world, we suggests when making festivals like Sufi Sutra and others, to have one of the days assigned for female artists only. It is very important to bring in female instrumentalists.Expose role models when bringing in women at Sufi sutra. This is one way to show that it's possible for women to be performing artists at a professional level. 

Learn to play an instrument! Be independent and make your own songs/tunes.
Joint other women and support each other. It's hard to stand up against rules and traditions in a male dominated society but when you succeed it's worth it and will change society.Local societies should encourage and support young women to start bands - women only! and in constellations of 4 - 8 women. Give them instruments and teach them to play! But most important of all - create dialog!!! 

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  1. I very good choice for an interview. She's got a strong point and it is so current to problems around the world not just in India or in the U.S. where I am.


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