"Keep going and please when you try to transfer your experiences transfer it by your heart not your mind" - Sherino Mokhtar

Sherino Mokhtar is an independent artist specializing in site specific art for architectural walls and environments, including painted murals, mosaic murals. She is expert at architectural trompe l'oeil painting, and a versatile and highly skilled restorer with experience in restoring rare books. She is adept at working and communicating across disciplines and management levels. She has been both a popular and highly effective contributor to each of the teams she's worked with, a professional muralist, does oil on canvas portraiture, and pen and ink illustration work. She will also undertake copyist work under license. She is right now staying in Shantiniketan. Abhijit Ganguly spoke to her about her journey. 

What originally made you want to become an artist?

Because art is a creative plant, which is created by God into me.

How would you describe your artistic approach?

My theme really began to develop last in different point of views when I was focusing on the arts, and the emotions they can show. This year I took this idea further and tried to show the expressions of people from their faces. At the beginning of the year I thought that my theme was just people. I wanted to get the contours and details of the conceptual art , but in doing this I was actually trying to convey a feeling or emotion. I like hearing what other people think of them. I like to find out what others think about the person it is of. I did a few portraits and wanted it to remind the older viewers of what it was like to be, and get across the carefree attitude. in my painting. I also did many pictures and in these I wanted to get across their personality. Are so diverse, with different expressions, emotions, skin tones, and ages, and from one picture everyone sees them differently.

Who or what has been the biggest single influence on your way of thinking?


How does your work in Alexandria affect your choices in your painting?

My city is the magical place of the wonderful sea and sea is the most influence reason of inspiration in any art work. 

What materials do you enjoy working with the most? What materials would you like to explore in the future?

Glass - mixed media. 

Is there a thriving art scene where you live and is it easier for women to be accepted by galleries for showing their work?

I don't know maybe yes maybe no. I cannot decide about that because from time to time... things changes. I know art remains for ever cause it's history of documented experience to every artist create a new generation of art future... but really I can't decide that.

What would you say to a young women considering art as a career? 

Keep going and please when you try to transfer your experiences transfer it by your heart not your mind.

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