“Many more females are freestyling and they are improving so so much”

Several Guinness World Record holder, Vice European Champion, Laura Biondo Is one of the top leading female freestyler in the world. Half Italian half Venezuelan, is an inspiration for young kids, boys and girls. Also an ambassador for the Freestyle Football Federation. Abhijit Ganguly speaks to Laura.

How did you first get into freestyle football?

I used to play football. I started playing when I was 10. I learned thanks to my father who taught me. I was basically the guinea pig of a Biomechanical Lab he designed to help player improve their technique. Through this method I also learned the basics of juggling. In 2007 I was injured and since I couldn't play I would go sometimes with my brother to kick a ball around. He used to freestyle so I learned my first tricks with him. I then met some freestylers and slowly form there got passionate about it and kept on going.

What’s changed since you started? Are more female freestylers now?

Yes, many more females are freestyling and they are improving so so much. Alot has changed. The level has gone up in a crazy ways and I very happy for that.

Freestyle Football is becoming much more professional in the way the sport is run. What do you think needs to be improved in the sport? 

I am a big defender of female rights so I think what has to be improved is that people organizing a competition consider more females and give them more space to have their own competitions.

What’s a good starting point for anyone interested in learning freestyle?

Interest itself is the starting point. People have to be curious about the sport and about learning about it to fall in love with it.

How is your experience to be part of Atletico?

My experience with ATK was amazing. The entire society, from the presidents to the social media team, was very nice. I really enjoyed my time there. It was an amazing experience...And the team won!

How do you see Indian football as you come from a country in which football is national sport?

I think Indian football is in the right was to become also in India very big like in European countries. The effort many people are putting to make football in India grow is very positive and it will bring big things to India.

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