The Joy of Volunteering

Jerry Hsiao is a major in mass communication specialized advertising and public relations. His special habits focus on photography. Jerry likes to take a picture of the touching moment between people.  He was one of the co-leader for TAIndia 2017.

What inspired you to be the faculty of TAIndia 2017?

Actually, this is my second time to visit India. Everything in India is always full of surprise there. And I really miss the people I knew in Kolkata last year. I hope that I can do more for them and know more about them. So I decided to come back to India again.

How important is to for young people to volunteer and do community service?

Whether it is important to young people. I think it depends on what are you thinking. Some people just don’t know that is very important. We can’t blame on them. But if we really feel something from our heart when we service to the people who is in need. We should keep trying our best to do. Because we can learn from service and also know more about yourself. It looks like not a big deal. But actually we will found something with meaning to ourselves. Maybe you also will improve the community, city, country, or whole the world.

What has been the general feedback of volunteers?

We can have some reflection to our life. We always can get a deep reflection on our life after the service. Most of volunteers will know how lucky they are in the world. Because we are the person can give not the person who just accepts. And we found there always are poor people got a worst life than us.

What were the best aspects of your experience in India?

I will say that once I was walking on the flooded street in Kolkata, The water is floating a dead mouse and some garbage. I really felt so disgusting. But I quickly accept the entire situation. Because I found the Indians looks like everything normal for them. I just tell myself that the fear only come from myself.

What kind of impact do you think TAIndia have had on youth of Taiwan?

TAIndia is a really special group. Because our members are come from different country and area. We have two students from Hong Kong. And also four students come from China. We also invite two Indian students to join our group. It is an international group. But it looks not so difficult to us. And we also prove that India is not a dangerous country like the news reported. Because there always are some people will worry about that they heard we are going to India. But we show that India is absolutely safe and interesting. Like the nickname to Kolkata. It is the city of joy.

What do you wish for the future?

I wish I won’t forget to keep doing service to the people. And never forget how lucky the life I have? I still will try to more for the world.

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