Collaborating with amazing artists is one of the most satisfying experiences of being a musician!

Acclaimed an “international mridangam performer” by USA Today and “pride of India” by India's leading newspaper, The Times of India, Dr. Rohan Krishnamurthy is considered a musical ambassador.Having initially received mridangam training with Damodaran Srinivasan over the telephone in the U.S., Rohan continued his advanced training from maestro, Guruvayur Dorai, in India. Rohan has performed hundreds of concerts internationally since the age of nine as a distinguished soloist and collaborator in diverse music and dance ensembles.

Rohan has shared the stage with the leading artists of Indian classical music. He has spearheaded new cross-musical collaborations with eminent symphony orchestras, jazz ensembles, and musicians including Grammy Award-winners Glen Velez and Vishwa.A highly-acclaimed educator, Rohan has presented Indian percussion institutes and summer camps, clinics, workshops, and master classes, and academic courses at world-renowned institutions, including the Eastman School of Music, Harvard University, MIT, Berklee College of Music, Duke, and Institute of Design (India).Rohan is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including USA Today’s “All-College Academic Second Team.” He was named an Indian Raga Fellow in 2013.

An innovator, Rohan designed a new drumhead tuning system that won him first place in Eastman’s New Venture Challenge entrepreneurship competition. His work resulted in a publication in the premier music journal, Percussive Notes, and he also received a patent for his invention. Recently, he performed at The Park's New Festival by Prakriti Foundation.

What influences have found their way into your music? What musician’s work inspired you the most?

Too many to name! It goes without saying that all of the legends of Indian classical, jazz, pop, etc., have helped guide all of us. My advanced mridangam teacher, Guruvayur Dorai, has always been an inspiration as a consummate artist and a human being. All of my collaborators have taught me different things--artistic and professional--at every step. I think it's up to us to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of every artist, and to see how we can learn from them and enrich ourselves and those around us. 

The Park Festival tour has been a wonderful experience performing with my talented friends, crossing artistic, geographic, and demographic boundaries, and gaining inspiration from the diversity of India. We're very thankful for this opportunity and look forward to coming back soon!

You have performed with some of the most famous names in the music world. How important are these collaborations with diverse artists for you?

Collaborating with amazing artists is one of the most satisfying experiences of being a musician! I've been very lucky to perform with senior artists in different genres who taught me so much about musicianship and professionalism. I remember the legendary violinist, T. N. Krishnan, told me when we were on tour in the U.S. that he has played with four generations of mridangam artists from my lineage!

You are committed to community service and outreach programmes .What has been the most gratifying experience for you?

I've always valued the idea of sharing what we know to those who lack access. One recent initiative is the new Indian Rhythm Ensemble that I'm starting at the San Francisco Community Music Center. The CMC has been around for almost 100 years with the goal of providing music education to everyone regardless of social, cultural, and economic background. With support from a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission, we are starting this multicultural rhythm program in the heart of San Francisco, one of the most diverse cities in the world.

What are the challenges of being an artist today?

Besides the artistic and professional challenges that all artists have faced every generation, today, there's so much music available at our fingertips. It can be hard to figure out what to listen to and what to adapt to our artistry. It's so important to have excellent teachers who can help filter through all of that and help us learn how to learn.

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  1. Impressive my dear have very correctly mentioned how important teacher's are.very true.


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