Reflections of a Poet

Alessandro Lutman is a student of Literature and History at the University of Udine, Italy. He wrote his first work in 2015, "Poesie d'autunno" (Autumn Poems), becoming the youngest poet of his region. "Poesie d'autunno" was translated to English, Danish, Russian, French and Slovenian. In addition to studying, he writes for local magazines about literature. Recently he was here for the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival(AKLF).

Was there ever a moment when you thought ‘I’m going to be a poet’?

I can't answer it because the right question is: Am I a poet? Is it enough write poems for being poet? I have no response. So, actually I can only say when I began to love and live completely poetry.  I was reading 'L'infinito' by G. Leopardi and I understand the beauty of this genre and the need to explain my feeling through it;

Is there a method you follow when while putting pen to paper?

I let speak my mind, probably it is the only method I follow while I'm writing. However it is very important the place where I compose, too.

Which literary cultures and schools of thought have influenced you the most?

 I have to declare my love for Romanticism, which influenced mainly my first poems. It is the only literary movement that hits me. Then there are a lot of poets who can be considered my masters but the most important for me is absolutely Pier Paolo Pasolini, an intellectual died in 1975. He was so different from the other writers that I realized early he would have had a primary role in my poetry.

What are some of your favourite poems you’ve have written? Which mean the most to you?

First I have to do a general reflection: my favorite poems change depending on emotions I feel. In this moment I find very beautiful"She was Love", "A call comes from the sea" and "Ten, a hundred and a thousand years". The first is absolutely the excellence respect my poems, even if after the India's journey I should be name "She is loved". Here in Kolkata I discover again Love. The last one was written for a wonderful person who helps me when I was child and now I hope she watch me from another world.

What aspect of writing poetry is the most challenging?

Absolutely sharing my poems and then speaking with people who are interested, as I made during the AKLF. Even if writing poems arise cause of my need not to become crazy! Writing is a need for my psychic safety.

How is poetry relevant or valuable to contemporary society and culture?

Poetry - like all art - should have a primary role in the society, above all in these problematic years. It should have but the reality show us a different situation where art lies only in the heart of few people. Someone says poetry will save the world, I am pessimistic, poetry will save nothing if people continue not to understand the significance and loveliness of the whole art. Surely in a utopian world everyone would consider art essential for life.

Has the internet helped increase the love for poetry?

In my opinion Internet could make poetry die if poets don't pay serious attention. It's not easy to explain why, I try. It's obvious Internet leads so many people to discover poetry, to read some poems and I can't deny that but this interest doesn't become love because Internet requires fast reading, on the contrary poetry requires quiet, calm and reflection. So a lot of people read without understanding the poem.


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