“Painting is poetry”

YingLi Shao  from Tainan started to learn painting from HungChang Cheng. YingLi participated a joint exhibition “the Four Women” in ChengKung University in 2012. Shao joined Contemporary Art League of Southern Taiwan until present since 2014. Shao held a solo exhibition in Well Gallery in Tainan, Taiwan in 2015. Recently, she was here to attend the  7th International Art Meet organised by The Stadel in association with Dimension 4 (a non profit artists’ organisation in Kolkata).

What initially sparked your interest in painting as an expressive medium?

I’m not only painting, also i like to do some creatives of clothes and potteries.

How would you describe your artistic work?

I’d like to describe my paintings  as like a  poetry.

What is your preferred medium of work and why?

I like to use oil on canvas because i feel like it’s a medium of ancient cultures and there’s plenty of  historical meanings.

What is your creative process like?

I like to play some games on frame before I start to paint, and find  some hidden/ invisible lines beyond the canvas. To imagine the situation then put my instant feelings into it.

Where do you see your work heading in the future? Do you have any specific projects you’ve been wanting to do?

I want to push myself to create some large-scale-pieces. I will start few journeys next year to seek some inspiration.

Any advice to other aspiring/young artists/creative students?

For young artists and students who have great passion for art, it would be nice if there’s any chance to set feet outside of the boundary and experience different culture by traveling.

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