"When you practice yoga regularly, your mind opens up to a new level of consciousness"

Sabine Utz has been practicing the Bikram yoga sequence almost every day for more than 10 years. In the autumn of 2008, she completed her training as a 'Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher' .After winning the 'European Yoga Asana Championships 2009' and participating in the 'International Yoga Asana Championships 2010', she became Austrian Champion of the 'European Qualifying Championships' in Madrid in 2011. She and her husband run the Yoga-loft in Vienna. Recently she was here at the Ghosh's Yoga College for a yoga therapy training course.

What brought you to yoga?

In 2003, a friend of mine introduced me to yoga. It was Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. I liked it and kept doing it.

How did you first come across Bikram Yoga?

I was working in the film industry. I was an assistant director and script supervisor. I read alot about Bikram Yoga. It was very popular. A studio had just opened in Vienna, so me and my husband took our first lesson together. It was very exhausting but I was immediately hooked and kept coming back. I was travelling a lot during those days for my work. During free time I did lots of yoga. Somehow I just left my professional life and went to teacher training. 

What is the most important lesson you have learnt being a yoga teacher?

Trust the process. Do yoga. Just do your practice and the rest will follow. This actually happens. When you practice yoga regularly, your mind opens up to a new level of consciousness and you understand things which you couldn’t understand before. There is a transformation happening in both your body and mind.

There are yoga sites that offer online subscriptions to follow yoga classes and yoga therapy.  Your thoughts on online yoga classes?

It is a very western approach. It is a business approach. Practicing online is so much different than practicing in person with a certified teacher. Traditionally yoga was taught one-on-one. For instance in Ghosh's Yoga College. You will receive one on one attention from Muktamala Mitra (principal of the Ghosh's Yoga College) and benefit from the family-style atmosphere. The primary focus of the training is on learning therapeutic exercises to heal your body and mind.  Yoga is a very personalized form of exercise. You need different yoga postures/asanas for each individual to get the most therapeutic benefit out of it. Online yoga classes are not ideal because they lack the presence of a guiding teacher. There is a higher risk of injury especially for beginners.

Yoga is now increasingly moving to air-conditioned enclosures within homes, fitness centres or attractive resorts. How do you see the Commercialization of Yoga: Boon or bane?

Anything that makes people practice yoga is good! It brings more benefit healthwise for the people. Whatever yoga you practice or wherever you practice, it doesn’t matter; just make sure the teacher is qualified, knows the body and your personal limits.

Your word of advice for those who want to start learning yoga?

Look for a good teacher. One needs to learn yoga in a personalized environment. For instance in Kolkata, Ghosh's Yoga College is the best place to learn.

Please tell us about your studio 'Yoga-loft Vienna' ?

It's been open for five years now. Our main focus is Bikram Yoga, but we offer complimentary practices as well, like Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga,  Pranayama classes, meditation classes and also special classes and workshops. Our basic focus are the therapeutic benefits of yoga. We try to create the best atmosphere to practice, to unwind and relax.

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