“My advice to young people is to seek self-knowledge”

Luciana Fiel is a Mentor, Master Coach, writer, facilitator of courses and workshops, like writing words of motivation, enthusiasm, and support and teaches people through tools and personal development techniques to achieve goals, to have better quality of life and live a happy and meaningful life. She is a pioneer in Brazil in the Executive Training, the Parental Training - Families, Adults, Adolescents and Children with Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity and Impulsive.

Could you please explain your core philosophy?

My philosophy is that the LEV Method - The Leader That Is In You is based on love and follows five principles:
 1. Take full responsibility for your results. 
2. Hold an open mind. 
3. Minimize their julgamentos.
4. Desafie your limiting beliefs. 
5. Foque in your personal improvement

What is the methodology of LEV?

The LEV Methodology is an educational method of personal development, tested and proven to accelerate results and help people develop skills and competencies through training strategies, tools and techniques. All can be leaders and make a difference in people's lives, achieve their personal and professional achievements.

How would you explain be a Multiplier Method "The leader in you"?

Wisdom is in the eyes and dreams of each one, the ability to become a better person every day, by their own will and determination. Wisdom is the passion for life, the resolutions and attitudes that transform the world. In this context, education plays a key role. Help more people discover your skills and talents, becoming self - reliant and building a better world!

To be a multiplier is necessary to love the human being in its entirety, to seek their spiritual essence of light and commit to personal improvement. This method has the focused leadership in those sources as common as ours, but that evolved throughout his life, faced challenges and obstacles, rather than bend the face of difficulties, managed to make every barrier source of inspiration and overcome to reach the goals set for your life. The leadership of this kind is what we call genuine leadership.

In that case, the leader is not one who achieves results through people, but with people. It goes beyond the characteristics of unusual leaders, untouchable icons that are part of human history and filled the centuries as strong figures. In this perspective, the real leader is a man of action, consistent between the verb and action, and with their perception, experience and sensitivity, know how to drive so well the symphony that emanates from a hybrid team, like a great conductor governing a great tuned orchestra, managing to bring out each person's enthusiasm necessary to differentiate everything it claims to do this universe unstable, dynamic and evolving.

What is your advice to the youth of today?.

My advice to young people is to seek self-knowledge, define what you want, have a specific objective with short targets, medium and long term. Focuses on the process while the result is not enough, ie have consistency in the actions, do a little action every day on the way to your goal and finally believe you! To keep motivation is important you celebrate your small achievements and the second step is important you reduce the daily targets to give you feelings of fulfillment and not frustration. Only fail who gives up, never give up on you and your dreams.

How was your experience in Kolkata?

It was an experience of transformation, this city welcomed me and contributed to my growth with all its variables. I am a devotee of Mother Teresa, I admit the love she had a leader who inspires me and also follow the philosophy of Ananda Kirtan, meditation, silence and vegetarian food.

(Next year the LEV method will bring a group to immersion in Kolkata, with coaching and meditation)

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