I think drummers are the "energy catalyst" in a group - Matteo Fraboni

                                                                        - Matteo Fraboni

Drummer and Composer - Vic Firth Artist from the European jazz scene, Matteo Fraboni graduated in Jazz Composition and Arrangement at Conservatoire G.B Martini in Bologna.  At the age of 27 he recorded in Brooklyn, New York, his first album "Matteo Fraboni Quintet - This is my music", as a drummer and composer with the great tenor saxophone George Garzone,(Professor Berklee College of Music), Logan Richardson on alto sax (Blue Note) Aruan Ortiz on piano and Rashan Carter on doublebass, published by the Italian prestigious Label, VIA VENETO JAZZ - VVJ n075 (Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani).Recently  a special performance featuring live soundtrack  was done by Marcello Allulli(saxophone); Giovanni Ceccarelli (piano) and Matteo Fraboni (drums) during the screening of a silent Italian film made in 1916, Cenere directed by Febo Mari at the  at Victoria Memorial Hall (Western Quadrangle)

Why you play drums?

I started playing 'cause the music made me dream of a better world, an ideal. Now I play 'cause, despite the lively market a complicated time, I enjoy to be a force for good in this world. I like to bring something good, positive to people.

What made you take up the drums?

I started play drums when I was almost 13 years old, I was fascinated by the energy of this instrument and my attention about it increased really fast, trying to understand the styles and the sounds of this instrument. My constant perception of this instrument is always like a big toy, if you want, so you can find many different colours, and is a long journey to  discover all the possibility of your instrument.  

What was your biggest hurdle while you were in your learning stages as a drummer? Any particular pattern,notes etc?

First of all, when you start play drums, you have to manage your independence of the arms and legs, plus the sticks control techniques and being confident with your drum set. After years, you grow as a person and as a musician too - if you study- and you start thinking about many sides of music, discovering different genres and way to play with the other musicians... These thought are beyond the basic role in music, that off course you have to study.

Giovanni Ceccarelli, Marcello Allulli, Matteo Fraboni
Which was the best moment of your career?

As I am 33 years old, my career is still going on, and I think I had many best moments and I hope to have many more off course.

For sure I can't forget my studio session in Brooklyn, New York, playing with my American quintet that was totally amazing to me, like live a real dream.

Is a drummer the better band leader because he determines the rhythm and the timing?

Well, I think trying to find "the best" in any behavior of life is not correct. In particular in music, competition is dangerous and doesn't help to grow, in any case. Music should be something we share with people and a beautiful and privileged way to say to the world what we think and how we feel this historical period we are leaving. At least, yes, rhythm is a very important part in music and also in the classical orchestra, the "2nd director" is the percussionist, who gives the start to the others elements and off course as an important role. Personally I think drummers are the "energy catalyst" in a group, we can control the volumes and determine the sound of a band for sure, and I love doing that.

What is the difference between a good drum part and a great drum part?

In my opinion the great drum part happens only when a drummer sing with his drums, and don't show only how fast he can go... "Competitions are for horses" said B.Bartók.

You are a faculty in Percussion KM Music Conservatory by A.R.Rahman in Chennai. How has been your experience so far?

The KM Music Conservatory in Chennai is absolutely a beautiful high level school here in India. They have all the highest pro instruments a student can require in terms of acoustic and digital. The programs offers cover from Hindustani, Western Classical and Contemporary music languages for voice, piano, guitar, bass, tabla, mridangam, drums, classical percussion, violin, composition, (classical, jazz and contemporary) and also computer music, with amazing devices and many more.

All the faculty staff comes from different part of the world and is really high level, always kind and enthusiastic of what they are doing with all the talented students we have, and this determine a very good atmosphere inside KM.

I invite all the guys who wants study music seriously to keep an eye out KMMC, because is the only Conservatory of his genre in all India, and definitely I'm enjoying my time there, it's a lovely experience share what you love since you're almost a child, with the students over there.

Any advice/message to the budding drummers/musicians?

Like Charlie Parker said, "Study whatever is on your power about music, but when you play forget it and play what you feel in that moment !"


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