"The vision is to balance a world full of negativity by the art"

AWW! A wonderful World! A record label of live art, introspective art. Many artists. Psychedelic art, music, video, jam band, hippie shore. Recently   Laetitia and Paul W Brook  performed at the MOMENTUM - Experimental Arts Festival – Kolkata. MOMENTUM is curated and produced by Range, The Arshinagar Project& Little i, in association with Artvideo. Koeln and in partnership with Makers Loft - Kolkata Maker space.

Tell us about Aww! (A wonderful world!) formation?

AWW! A Wonderful World is a small collective or artist based in Paris, but traveling in the world to encounter another culture and artists. Till now we have been mainly traveling in India. For many reasons, we feel close to Indian culture. 

What was the vision?

The vision is to balance a world full of negativity by the art. In Europe since the beginning of the industrialization, world has been more and more materialistic and we feel there’s a lack of spirituality, everything is so superficial! A Wonderful World wants to re-enchant the world around us via an artistic expression. 

Can you take us through your artistic process?

Our artistic process is to privilege the improvisation and to capture the creative work in process…Our work is based on spontaneity, and we try to capture the magic of the present moment.

What was the most challenging part of your project so far?

To find a way of distribution, to build an audience for a new expression of art is the most challenging part of the project… Nowadays communication work takes a lot of time and is quite conflicting with the artistic process.

How have your travels to India influenced your work?

Energy in India is very special and when we work here, we feel uplifted by this energy. To work with Indian classical musicians is also really inspiring as the tradition shared by them is a treasure of humanity rooted in ancient time where art was still an expression linked to the soul exploration.
How has the psychedelic art changed over the years and what characterize it?

The psychedelic art since the 60’s is linked with the consumption of hallucinogens, substances which alter states of consciousness. During the years, there has been an evolution in the music style (today psytranse and rock jam band mostly). Psychedelic visual arts were a counterpart to the psychedelic rock music and is also symbols, colors, shapes used are still quite stereotyped today. India traditional art as many cultures in the world (shamanism) is also linked to psychedelism and to hallucinogens consumption.

What do you believe the future of computer based visual art is?

As computer and video is becoming the most important media of the 21st century, artistic expression follows this tendency.  It's why computer based visual art will be more and more developed in the future and they are plenty of experience to do with it.

If you could give one piece of advice to the independent artists community, what would it be?

The concept of "independent artist," comes from an economical theory who divides mainstream culture and independent artists. These two categories are of no help today. An artist is a creator, an explorer, so he has to be confident in his art, without forgetting  to work the technique, and has to find his own path of expression. But who are we to give advice to anybody about that ?


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