"Follow your goal. It will be hard, but without rain, there is no rainbow"

Josephine Wedekind began DJing early in life & can't imagine an existence without the positive vibes & moments of ecstasy & excitement created on the dance floor by her organic psychedelic sound. In 2012 she became a member of the Schiffbruch event crew whose ethos is great music and harmonic energy. Josephine soon became a regular on Berlin’s club and underground scene, frequently playing her trippy style of music at some of the most influential locations including Mensch Meier, Rummels Bucht & Sisyphos. Her talent for constructing a story-like sets & special taste in music has taken her to many amazing gatherings & events around the world, including Fusion (GER), Plötzlich am Meer (PL), Doof Festival & Klika of Happiness (ISR), Lost Theory & Mo: Dem Festival (HR). After 10 years spinning as Josephine Wedekind she started Ayjo as a platform to express a more Downtempo, psychedelic & experimental sound. Recently she performed at the Border movement Lounge organized by the Goethe Institute. It is a platform to showcase established and upcoming artists and producers from across South Asia. The lounge is an informal event format that hopes to foster a more open and interactive culture of electronic music performance, as well as a more well-rounded appreciation from the local music community.

What initially got you into music?

I never planned to be a DJ nor I was born into a musical family, but of course there is a reason why I’m here, now doing what I love and going the way that was meant to be for me. I had good friends who were into music with whom I went to techno parties and with whom I could share my passion.

What was your inspiration for taking up DJ’ing as a profession?

I got inspired by people like Heiko MSO from Playhouse Records who taught me DJing and realized my interest. So I got turntables and a set of vinyl records as a birthday present. And then it just happened! I never stopped and so I became a DJ. That’s also why I never had the chance to create an artist name, for me it was not about having a fancy nickname, I just wanted to create by every chance and to be real, even if it was the smallest after hour, I loved to surprise the crowd with real vibes and to put them into a trance. A reason why I love my job is, that during travelling and visiting different music events I am receiving new vibes and inspirations that make my job and my passion an endless beautiful journey.

It is inspiring for me to realize that it is possible to combine different music  genres  and create something new out of that. For example, after travelling to Goa I picked up some elements of the local music scene which resulted in a more psychedelic sound.

It seems like the electronics industry is dominated by men. Do you think the problem is  the supposed lack of women DJ's/Producers?

First of all, the music is most important – no matter if it’s played by a man or a woman. In Europe, there are not so many female DJ's. I don’t know why, but I wish there were more. On the other hand, organizers and promoters sometimes seem to be unaware of the fact that there are good female DJ's around and still under represented in some lineups.

Do you ever run into any gender-specific challenges with being a woman in music?

I had many challenges, but it’s not because of that I am a female DJ. It’s always there during the initial years of your career. No one knows you and no one takes you seriously.

How important is social media for you?

Social media provides another level to the artist/fan relationship. Social media provides a means for open communication between the artist and fan.

How did you see the electronic music scene in Kolkata?

I’ve seen great artists and producers here! I think at the moment it’s still hard for them to have inspiration and exchanges as there are proper venues and a fan base missing. The Goethe Institute did a great job here to initiate this with the“Border Movement” in Kolkata

You have started Ayjo as a platform to express a more Downtempo, psychedelic & experimental sound. Please elaborate more.

While playing“my” music as Josephine Wedekind, I felt also another side of myself emerging. This resulted in creating Ayjo as an alter ego to express some other emotions of my deeper self. That is another great thing about DJing: You can play with different feelings and vibes to create another atmosphere. Don’t be narrow-‘minded!

What will you say to the young girls who look up to you and will like to follow your steps?

Follow your goal. It will be hard, but without rain, there is no rainbow. Enjoy this loud and vibrant, challenging journey. You can’t do two things at the same time. If you really want to be a good DJ you have to be very focused and you have to live the music life, to understand what it is about. You shouldn’t look at it just as a hobby, it is calling and you will feel that.


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