“Do really what you love and don’t lose hope ever”- Máša Málková

 Máša Málková at Kolkata International film festival
Recently the film Fotograf / Photographer by Irena Pavlásková was screened at the Kolkata International Film Festival. The film inspired from the life of renowned photographer and celebrity Jan Saudek. It focuses on the maestro's relationships with women, specifically the devoted Liba, who enjoys subtle yet complete control over Jan. In addition to numerous indelicate scenes, the brief flashbacks also reveal Jan's ill-fated past, including conflicts with the police and state security agents and a nightmare from his childhood.  Abhijit Ganguly spoke to actress Máša Málková, who played the female lead in the film.

                                                                                     pic courtesy ceskatelevize.cz - Fotograf Movie stills
How did your tryst with acting happen?

I went to a conservatory school. I always loved poetry, theatre plays and one very famous Czech actor Czech actress inspired me to become an actress. It’s a dream for me to become like him or her.

What interests you in a role?

The story interests me. I need to understand the character. Then it is easy to play the character. The traits of the character let me go inside the role I play.

How was your experience working in Photographer?

In this film, the role was a challenging one. It’s a big part for me to play- from a poor girl, step by step she becomes a very dangerous lady. There is a lot of scope for me to play different shades of the character.

Being women, did you feel any kind of discrimination?

I don’t feel differentiation between man and female. But I speak about Czech Republic, or about Europe.

How do you see the film industry in Czech?

There is more freedom now. We were with Communism and many things were prohibited. There was lots of censorship. It’s very free and our industry cooperates with the European Union.

How was your experience being here for the Kolkata International Film Festival 2015?

It’s an honor for me to be here. I love India. I will spend two and half months in India this summer. I travel here a lot.

Your word of advice for aspiring actresses?

Be patient. I visited the Mother House here where I saw one of her quotes-“Do small things with great love.” So everything  what you do  be patient, do it step by step and do really what you love and don’t lose hope ever.

Máša Málková, co actor karel roden  and Director Irena Pavlásková  
How did you prepare for the role in the movie Photograph? Was there much research you had to do?

In the screenplay there was everything what I needed. And also our Director, she was excellent. She was also scriptwriter cooperated with Jan Saudek-the photographer and she knew exactly what she wants in this movie. It was nice to meet her I appreciate it. She is a great person.

What would be your dream role? 

I would like to be surprised. For me is better to don`t imagine my dream role, because then come the expectation for and if the role doesn’t come then come for sure a disappointment. So what will come into my life come and I look forward to any kind of role.

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