A princess who serves humanity

Maria Amor Torres, eldest daughter of HRH Tuangku Dr. Datu Camad Ali, princess of the Royal House of Balo-i, also known as H.H. Queen Maria IV, one of the governess queens of the Queen Shebah’s Council of the Federation of the South Kingdoms is the Founder and President of the We Care for Humanity, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide education, health and empowerment to the underprivileged and under served women and children, through live-streaming technology and provision of learning facilities in far-flung areas globally. She speaks to Abhijit Ganguly.

What led you to take up the cause of humanity although you come from a royal family?

Serving humanity is my calling and I find bliss in doing so whether on a big scale or a small scale. Humanitarianism doesn't choose status; royalty or not, we all have the right to help or be helped.
And in the beginning of time when people were governed by monarchy, when governments were called kingdoms, it was the duty of the royals to elevate the lives of their people. They were the first humanitarians and leaders of the world.

Your “We Care for Humanity” has a mission to provide education, health and empowerment of underprivileged women and children. Please share with our readers what have been the major achievements in this regard?

On education, we are at the moment developing a programme to initiate huma- nitarian/values educational classes for children age 5-13 to be included in the school curriculum. Our goal is to pass this bill to the US Congress so it will be soon adopted internationally.

On health, we have conducted free humanitarian bio-screening in different countries by the use of Irido-lab, a fully automated bio metric health evaluation system. This saved people a lot of money on general health check-ups and it makes for preventions against diseases.

On empowerment, “We Care for Humanity” is constantly conducting seminars, talks and workshops to educate nurture and empower women and children.
You are Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Model and Fitness Guru. How do you blend these areas together within your life?

I used to be a Model and Fitness Guru but I hardly do these now because of my travels. I concentrate more on humanitarian work and being entrepreneur. I manage pretty well blending the two by proper time management.

What advice do you give to young women beginning their careers who look to you as a role model?

  •  Dream big, aspire higher while following your heart’s desire
  •  Know your priorities and manage your time properly
  • Never cheat, especially yourself
  • Be humble but never lose your integrity
  • Never give up 
  • Eliminate bad elements around you
  • Always be thankful for your blessings and thank the people who helped you

What are your future plans?

To continue promoting Universal Humanitarianism and the search for the greatest humanitarians of the world through “The Travelling Princess”.

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