Do not be afraid... If you love what you do, you must do it

Giancarla Munoz Reyes is a creative and independent character sculptor from Bolivia. Whether in the dynamics of the brass movement, or in the soft lines of the stone, or the expression of a face made in mud that seems to speak in silence. Since 1984, she has participated in individual and collective exhibitions at: Mexico City, Mexico / Faenza, Italy / Galicia, Spain /Miami, USA / Florianopolis, Brazil / Beijing, China / Asuncion, Paraguay / Majorca, Spain / and several cities in Bolivia. She has monumental works representing Bolivia at Mexico City (“Wayra Mujer Viento”) and Mallorca (“Tú y Yo”). She speaks to Abhijit Ganguly on the sidelines   of

How is being an artist in Bolivia harder or easier for women than in other parts of the world?

My experience of being a woman and also being an artist in my country as well in other countries has been very fortunate. I feel great being a woman and doing what I am doing, I feel admired by others and never had an impediment to doing anything. On my work or doing other things like travel around the world. Only in Muslims countries it is better to travel with a man.

What is your view on women empowerment?

I think women empowerment is very important in the whole world and that there should be equal rights for everybody.

What motivates you to choose a subject matter?

What motivates me is a lot of strong feelings and thoughts about the subconscious of men and women. I have been taking to understand the elements of the earth, brotherhood between everyone on earth and I am also conscience of what we should do in life and what we are here for.

For you, what’s the most challenging thing about being an artist?

What is most challenging thing is to communicate through my sculpture what I want to say; what I believe in.

What is your view on women artists wishing to pursue serious and full time art career?

To women, to men, to everybody I will say go forward to make a full career! Do not be afraid... If you love what you do, you must do it... So don’t be afraid and take up a full time career! Just be sure of yourself and be good at it.

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