Several Guinness World Record holder, Vice European Champion, Laura Biondo Is one of the top leading female freestyler in the world. Half Italian half Venezuelan, is an inspiration for young kids, boys and girls. Also an ambassador for the Freestyle Football Federation. Abhijit Ganguly speaks to Laura.
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Gregory Gaultier Known for his imposing physical style and unrelenting stamina, Gregory Gaultier is one of the most combative players on the PSA World Tour. The Frenchman showed promise from the very start of his career, reaching the final of the World Junior Squash Championship in 2000 before losing to Karim Darwish but he made up for that by winning the 2001 British Junior Open.
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 “I think squash will be in Olympic in the future”- Gregory Gaultier

The game was officially born 156 years ago when in 1859 its rules were codified four years before soccer even had a codified set of rules, but it had been played for several years before that across the southern states of Australia . Originally a sport played by cricketers in their leisure time to stay fit, over the decades the game created a unique identity of its own. 
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AFL bounces into India

Ahmad Siyar Zia started Taekwondo at age of 12. Initially he used to do gymnastics, and since facilities for gymnastics were quite limited, he was not much happy with the environment. His first coach was Hafiz Hashimi and later on Abbas Hussaini converted his style from old Taekwondo School to Modern Taekwondo School. For long years, he practiced under his guidance, and his club-mates were Ruhullah Nekpai, his brother (Habib Nekpai), and some other international players, and during those years, he fought huge numbers of competitions, leagues and other friendly matches, finally, he met Min SinHak the Korean master who was the trainer on the national team.
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"Taekwondo is for everyone and can be done anywhere" - Ahmad Siyar Zia

Nigerian football players have surely contributed to Indian football. Kareem Omolaja Nurain is one such Nigerian footballer. Kareem joined Spartan Football Academy of Lagos in 2002 at the of 12. In 2004 he represented Nigeria in All West African Academical Cup, which Nigeria won and he adjudged best defender of the tournament. In 2007 Kareem signed his first professional contract with the Lagos-based club Ola Oluwa Asejere FC from there he moved to Libyan Premier League club Tersanah where he stayed for a couple of seasons.
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“You play football because you love the game”- Kareem Omolaja Nurain

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