Recently a nine-member group of the Sutra Dance Theatre, Malaysia performed hour-and-a-half long ‘Krishna, Love Re-invented’ at the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) Kolkata.The show is directed by Malaysian dancer Ramli Ibrahim with lighting designs by Sivarajah Natarajan of the dance company. 
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Indian classical dance is a marathon and not a short distance dash" - Ramli Ibrahim

Adriana Di Cillo (Drix) is a Spanish/Brazilian director, choreographer, dramatist, coach, dancer and actor with vast international experience. Her artistic education started at the age of four and has included along a lifetime of dedication, western classical ballet, modern and contemporary dance, acting, Spanish flamenco, Latin-american dances, such as Brazilian samba, lambada, salsa, and Argentinean tango, martial arts, Indian classical dances (Bharatanatyam and Kathak) and Film directing. For the last 18 years Adriana has ventured through the routes which trace back the eastern origins of flamenco art, having worked and researched extensively in 4 of the 5 continents: Americas, Europe, Asia and northern Africa.
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Most fusion works to me look like con-fusion - Adriana Di Cillo

Hip Hop Psychology ( is the study of the psychological meaning of Hip Hop discourse (emceeing/rap, dance, visual arts, music production, spirituality, culture and education) and human development as it applies to educational and therapeutic contexts.Recently, Peddro's Salsateca (PDST), Kolkata in collaboration with Hip Hop Psychology,USA organized a workshop in Kolkata.  
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Nicole Lamontagne,  a classical and contemporary dancer from Montreal, has been with the world famous Cirque du Soleil since 2006. She conducts auditions and conferences all over the world to recruit the best dancers for the continuous casting need of Cirque du Soleil. Prior to working for Cirque, Nicole was a Principal Dancer for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens for seven years, soloist for Ballet British Columbia for four years, and a soloist for Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal for three years. 
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A dancer and purveyor of grace and talent, meet Cirque du Soleil's Nicole Montagne

Ansley Joye Jones aka Jukebox is a dancer, dance scholar, writer, rapper, singer, hip hop feminist, crochet and jewellery designer and women’s rights activist.  An active researcher, she attends conferences and festivals such as the Black College Dance Festival, the American College Dance Festival, 
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"Women have the continual unfortunate reminder that their outer appearance is more important than their abilities"-Ansley Jones

Dr. Selçuk Goldere, Head of Dance Department, Hacettepe University, Turkey. He graduated as an actor from Theatre Department-Acting Main Division of Ankara University. He has worked as a dancer and choreographer in between the years 2000 and 2009 in Ankara State Opera and Ballet-Modern Dance Department/MDT.
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"Beyond words...dancing as story telling" - Dr. Selçuk Goldere

Have you ever thought of flamenco dancing with our very own dhak! Usually the two main instruments for flamenco are voice and guitar. But DRUM-N-FLAMENCA stand out as the first-time instance of Bangla dhak and Dhol being played with flamenco dance form.
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Mother Tongue with bits of flamenco and tabla thrown in!

After many years of training in France, Martine gained a scholarship from the British Council of Arts for the LABAN Centre in London, which made it possible for her to meet and work with great masters such as  Merce Cunningham, Aaron Osborne as well as Karin Waehner,  and many others. 
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‘Laban movement analysis leads to the freedom of the artist’ - Martine Kaisserlian

Originally from Southern Vietnam, Dam Van Huynh is a UK based dancer/choreographer. As a child refugee, his family and he fled Vietnam after the war and settled in the USA where Dam was raised. He founded his own company in 2008, Van Huynh Company.
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“Dance, like life, is fleeting from moment to moment”-Dam Van Huynh.

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