Swimming to new shores

Emilio Arroyo is a  3 times Champion of C.Valenciana (Open water) ,Silver medallist  of C.Valenciana (Open water) and 10th of Spain (Open water) . He is Champion of Spain (Triathlon), 2 time finisher of 63k ultra trail (Running) and Finisher of 21k open water race. Recently he participated in the 81km world's longest open water swimming competition 2018 on Ganga river.

What sparked your interest to participate in the 81km swimming competition?

It all started during my conversation  with my friend Jose Luis. We were talking about competitions and he asked me if I would be interested in trying the 81km in Ganges. Initially , I thought it was crazy but eventually I started to concerntrate about the competition and prepare myself.

Also   I want say, big thanks to my sponsor: rosa mediterranean houses, @fnptrainer77, barberia pepe donoso, boquerones team. Without them, I wouldn’t be here!

How did your actual experience compare to what you imagined it would be like? 
I had this idea that people In India don’t follow swimming that much but I was surprised when I landed in berhampore. Lot of people were waiting for us , wanting to click a pic or even simply talk . I never imagine that would  happen and it was absolutely an amazing experience.

What motivates you as you train and compete?

My friend Jose Luis has been a constant motivation.  He encouraged me to go to the swimming pool or sea, almost every day and I want tell him a big THANKS. He is the reason that I started taking swimming professionally and passionately. My family and friends had supported me too.

Where do you think Indian swimmers stand when you look at the world’s top swimmers?

I  think they’re very good swimmers, but unfortunatley many people don’t recognise that.


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