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Nui Yaikabtaa is Director /Coordinator at Yaikabtaa Group. Yaikabtaa Group is founded in 20th October 1993 by a group of youth who interest in education, environment and culture. They use stage performance as a tool to communicate with the community in term of reflecting the change of society through classical and contemporary plays until today. Nui is a social worker and believes “do little good things everyday, it will become great things one day.

Who/what inspires your work?

Regarding shadow play, Prakrupitaksilpakom is the one who inspires me. If we talk about social works activities and Yai Kab Taa group, I established in 20 October 1993.  We focus on environment, education and culture which we set target on children and youth. I have my friends, senior advisors and networkers who started this works as my inspiration.

Shadow theatre is a traditional, rural form of entertainment. In the big cities, Western forms of media entertainment like movies or television have, for the most part, taken the place of traditional art forms. What are your thoughts?

Personally, I don't worry about that.I believe that people will choose what they want to consume and if they want to keep the traditional ones alive or not.

What is the present scenario of the art community in Thailand?

From my point of view, hence it is normal for some changes and developments, on the other hand there are still people admire traditional art and cultures as we have strong beautiful cultures.

Do you think that an artist has a sort of obligation to society?

Yes indeed. The artists are the connection that link and tell people about social situation in the form of art. Some paintings will send various messages to the audiences. The performances may leave lots messages to audiences even for short moment of the show may lead to better change if that performance means to serve the social.

What kind of social activities are you involved in?

We focus on environment, education and culture.

What are your future plans?

I would like to open alternative shop for friends and make it as a hub for volunteers to share and exchange their social activities and products and use the money they earn for further activities.
I strongly believe that there are still many people in this world interested in voluntary work learning hand in hand with us Yai Kab Taa group.

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