She captures people in all their moods

For Isabel Corthier, photography is an interpretation of reality. A freelance photographer, Isabel Corthier works in Belgium and abroad in documentary photography. Her work has featured on the covers of Caritas International, Doctors without Borders, North-South, Klasse and Content magazine. Talking about her journey, she says, “I love meeting people. I was an architect. I thought the profession would give me what I need in life. But I was dealing with bricks and drawing and not so much with people. So I did a course on photography. I found my true calling.”

Her photo series “Encounters in South Sudan” received the award for “best body of work” on the IPMGA photo festival 2014 in Kolkata. She says,”In my documentary I want to tell the story of the Dinka population and their culture. Since the general news of the world we only hear about a country; a country in war. You don’t think about the people. Since a country is made up of a population which is made up of individuals. So it is important to show these people who are full of love, compassion, hopes and fears. Sometimes, the portrait is not of happy person, as these people have been living in a war situation for the last 40 years. You can see the fear in their eyes.” 

When asked which country left her big impact, she says, “I recently visited Myanmar (Burma). The country has left an enormous impression on me. The friendliness of the people is incredible. The beauty of the people is incredible. She thinks almost every person has become a photographer. Images are becoming more and more important.

Her word of advice, “Follow your heart and have respect for the people you are photographing.”

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