“I'm mainly interested in space, light, body and perspective”

This year ArtsAcre  organized Indo-German Art Forum wherein 10 well known artist from Germany will take part in a collaborative workshop with the artists from India.German Artist Christin Lutze’s goal is to bring together functional, constructive and spiritual moments of art. Foremost, it is about the surface and space shaping application of colour. Christin Lutze studied at the University of Arts in Berlin six years of visual arts  and has received numerous distinctions and awards.Since 1997  she has done  regular solo and group exhibitions, participated at  art fairs participation and works in public and private collections at Germany and abroad.

When did you work artistically, or how were you introduced to painting?

Since always, passion for painting has already been with my grandmother and with my mother. Both have always encouraged and supported me to become a painter. I am grateful that I was able to study liberal arts right after graduation from UdK Berlin.

Where do you get the ideas, or the inspiration?

My Ideas and my inspiration are coming by myself. They are all things that influence me, that move me, things that I see and see, experiences, conversations, etc., all of which I incorporate in my pictures of myself.

Do you have a concept before?

No, they are all conceived spatial structures that I first build, partly through coincidences, blurrings, superimpositions, into my own picture worlds. The picture builds up over the long sessions and days in the studio. I start with coarse and arbitrary strokes, which gradually give rise to a motif, a theme. I am also looking forward to the new with each new picture, what it eventually becomes. And that's the beauty of painting, it always creates a great passion for me.

Which artists did you influence and influence you?

Edward Hopper (his special spatial conception) and Caravaggio (his special lighting concept).

What is your main theme in your painting?

Representation of conceived spatial structures, own pictorial worlds, a very idiosyncratic color. I'm mainly interested in space, light, body and perspective.

How do you come to your palette, or to your headstrong and special colorfulness?

Due to the superpositions of my color layers, the direct mixing of the color only on the canvas, whereby I also use the semi-dry states, of course also about coincidences. But I do not want to reveal too much, it's also my little secret.

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