Volunteering: A Life Changing Experience

Angela Chen studies at the Taiwan Fu Jen Catholic University. She is a freshman at Mass Communication. She is also a children art class teacher, teach magic, modeling balloon and board games. She was one of the co-leader for TAIndia 2017.

In Grace Ling Liang English School,
we taught them the colors meaning
 of Peking Opera and made masks.
How did you get involved with TAINDIA ?

When I was 17, I wanted to do service learning abroad to gain more life experience, and I also learned some cultural differences between India and Taiwan at school. Before entering Fu Jen Catholic University, I met a girl who was anex-member of this India group. She recommended me to join this team, and so I took the chance.

What's the most rewarding part of your experience working at the Shanti Dan?

At Shanti Dan, the living and health condition of the children are worse than those of my country and I am ashamed that I complained all the time. I really appreciate it that the children who made me realize how lucky and blessed I am. From their happy faces, what I have done at Shanti Dan seems meaningful.

In Pei May Chinese High School,
we played a memory game after
we having a 
transportation class.
What are the main challenges you faced?

The main challengeI faced was feeling uncomfortable. I had diarrhea for many times when I was in India. Although I felt uncomfortable during work, I still did my best to do everything I could. I just don’t want my learning and service to be affected.

Can you share with us one of your best memories here?

I was surprised when the students of Grace Ling Liang English School tried to chat with me by using Chinese. Their teacher said they were very shy to speak Chinese because they thought their Chinese were not good. Therefore, I was so happy that they tried to practice Chinese with us though they needed a little bit of time to complete a sentence. It was touching. It meant our program is useful for them.

Students also made their own
wood airplane and design it with Chinese culture.
What is your advice for young students who wish to do volunteer work?

If you want to do it, do it. Don’t waste any chance that you could widen your horizon. The result will be something that you can’t imagine.
I want to share one thing that I didn’t notice when I did service learning in India for you. That is everyone who volunteers to help people abroad can be a good ambassador for Taiwan and Fu Jen because we do what we can to help and we represent our country.

On June 20th, TAIndia assigned me as a representative of 106Youth Overseas Peace Corps and met with the president. There were many representatives from different schools. In her speech, the president said,“When you do international volunteer work, you are the international image of Taiwan and our best representative.”

Although we are small parts in the world, with our heart widely opened and our shoulders squared, a small part can be crucial in helping people in need. For this reason, don’t sell yourself short.

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