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ToTran Bich Thuy is a Lecturer of College of Arts, Hue University and also the Member of Thua Thien Hue Literature and Arts Association Member of Vietnam Fine Art Association.  She was one of the  20 contemporary artists from Vietnam whose work was exhibited at the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Kolkata. This exhibition was organised in collaboration with the Alliance française du Bengale and the Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam in India.

When did you first start painting?

I started painting in 1988.

How supportive are your parents and the rest of your family when it comes to your being a painter?

When I got myself enrolled for fine arts study, my family supported my decision. After graduation, I stayed at the university to teach and my parents and family gave me permission.

What inspires your paintings? How would you describe them?

Human life and nature have given me inspiration. My works depict human emotions in so many different levels, My statement:”Personally, the most precious happiness is found in sadness. The unhappy is found when happiness is gone” And “Let's explore the world of color, you will find the echo of your life”

Which was your biggest exhibition?

I have participated in many international exhibitions and I still think that my solo exhibition in Thailand in 2003 at Silpakorn University was the biggest and most meaningful exhibition for me. Through that I could assert the process of artistic activity and personal style.

Do you think being a female artist makes a difference?

As a female artist I find no difference much from male artists

What is present scenario of contemporary art in Vietnam?

Contemporary Vietnamese art is a strong innovation from the previous periods. It is the embodiment of visual art with changes in expression, color, and construction. Structure and light in the work.

Vietnam's mainstream art has three main trends: the main current was the Indochina fine arts in the years 1930-1945, the Socialist realism fine art in the years 1954-1984, and DOIMOI fine arts in the 1990s onwards (the word đổi mới was used in extenso in Vietnamese spelling to specify it country of origin and characteristics)

DOIMOI painting enhances the role of the individual, personal style, and freedom of artistic creation. Artists are aware of and deeply aware of the role of independent, self-selecting ways of impact on the community and society.

The Vietnamese art scene is changing with the changes of modern society. Vietnamese artists have been approaching the world of painting in general. Vietnamese artists are living together, co-writing and sharing common issues with foreign artists. They always aspire to achieve a space of contemporary art with the desire to contribute to create a new entity: Contemporary Vietnamese art.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

As a painter who has experience of more than 20 years of composition, through my own experiences, I can give some of the necessary feelings for the painter to maintain his creative work:
1- Always nurture feelings about life
2- Regularly develop skill training
3- Always improve the knowledge to improve the creative thinking.

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