A Magical Left Handed Repertoire

Maxime Zecchini is a French pianist, winner of many prizes all over the world. He has played in Paris as well as in numerous festivals and concerts in France and abroad. Maxime Zecchini is an eclectic musician: he has orchestrated music for television, and directed musicals.Fascinated with composition since early childhood, he is the composer of numerous original works and transcriptions. Maxime Zecchini had the idea of exploring the left hand repertoire a few years ago when he first studied Ravel’s Concerto pour la main gauche. The idea that playing with just five fingers could sound like two hands seemed like an extraordinary wonder to him. These works display the left hand’s vast capacities: at its best, it can make the piano sound like a full orchestra.

What made you take up the piano?

I have seen someone plays piano on the TV and I have asked to my parents to begin piano. Because I have found the sound of the piano very beautiful and attractive.

Max Zecchini  at the Calcutta School of Music
Who have been your mentors?

I have had the chance to have fantastic teachers since always; I have a lot of mentors!

Is playing with your left ( non- dominate hand? ) just an interesting thing to try or does it have vast Implication for composers?

It’s a big challenge for composers, because with just five fingers, the piano must sound like with two hands!

Would left handed people enjoy the piano playing more if they started out earning left hand pieces?

No I think it’s not important! Because on piano, 
there is no difference or facilities between the left handed people or right handed people! The sensations are the same.

Because being left handed was discouraged for centuries, is playing left handed a way of validating left handed people and giving them access to music in a way that starts with their dominate side?

I don’t think,  the repertory for thee left hand is not more way for the left handed people; it’s just an another work, because the difficulty will be the organization of the energy; it’s very physical to play this piece!

Could starting with the left hand be more creative since it crosses over to the right ( creative ) side of the brain?

I don’t know…. Maybe… It’s an interesting question . But, I don’t have the answer….

You have played in India. How different is it to play here as compared to playing at international venues?

It’s the first time for me in India; It’s a beautiful experience to play in this fantastic country. I’m very glad to do discover this repertory for the left hand. The audience is very attentive and interested and it’s a big pleasure for me!

As a pianist, what recommendations do you have for these children in India who are learning piano? How would they also become successful in their music?

The most important is the determination. Because, the work is different and intensive: but the result is very  fantastic! Travel around the world, share his/her passion of music, play on stage in front of the audience are the big motivation to practice piano each days!

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