"For me music is a space of freedom"

Ghostape is an enigmatic and inspiring experimental electronic artist from Switzerland, who uses recorded sounds to create vivid soundscapes merging into abstract pop & electronic artifacts.Recently, he performed at the Experimenter Kolkata.

How did you get into making music, and at what age did you become interested in electronic music specifically?

I got interested in electronic music when I was about 18-20 years old. I discovered it on the radio and some friends gave me cassettes or CD. It was cool to hear all these new sounds.

What types of instruments / gear / software do you use? Has it changed over time, and if so, why? 

My first instrument was a cassette recorder. When I was a kid, i recorded a lot of stuff (voice, weird sounds, end of songs) to the radio and I mixed them together.later on I bought a MiniDisc recorder and a four track recorder. 
And in recent years, I mainly use a sampler, Roland Sp-404, a microphone and 1 or 2 keyboards.

Please explain your creative process. What do you attempt to transmit with your music?

 For me music  is a space of freedom. I am always looking for new sounds to record, and sounds to cut and mix. Chance and improvisation are also very important. For me it is important to express and feel the moment. I would make alive the sounds like  humans or animals.

A number of electronic musicians you have at least one foot in the art world. How do you see the relationship between your music and sound-related art installations? 

I don't know... Art, food, love, travel, dating, music… For me it's all part of life.  I don't differentiate between electronic music and the world of art.

All this is just the same world. A few years ago I made some collaborations for art installations. It was interesting, but I especially love playing live and tinkering in my home studio.

What is on the horizon next for your musical endeavors?

Play more, making new collaborations (especially for dance pieces), published my new EP, learn new instruments, continue to travel, and share my sound.

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