Kolkata’s music community gets a taste of Italian opera music

                                                                                       Fabio Marra and Angela Papale                                                                                         
Famous Italian opera personalities Angela Papale and Fabio Marra visited Kolkata, India last month. They were in the cultural capital of India to attend a workshopas a part of their Yuva Music Festival organised by Academy for Musical Excellence (AMEC). The ensuing festival consists of 20 concerts, 10 competitions, six talk shows, and one international workshop and master class.

Angela is a renowned opera singer of international fame. According to critics, her “warm and wonderful voice” transforms the opera into a celestial stage. Angela received her training from several celebrated names of Italian music like Magda Olivero, Paolo Montarsolo and Fiorenza Cossotto. Fabio on the other hand, is one of the most appreciated pianists associated with Italian opera. He is credited with rediscovering some works of Italian musical legends Paisiello and Piccinni.

Speaking at the workshop Fabio said, “The important part of this type of music is emotion and to make contact with the audience.” He explained the music must transport the audience to the make-belief world of opera. Angela said, "Pitch is an important element in the opera beginning with a low note but ending on a very high note.”

The Yuva Music Festival is a musical movement aimed to unite music enthusiasts. The director of the festival Surendranath Majumdar said, “This multi-faceted festival is benefitting our participants in overall character building and giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents".”

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