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REALISM on canvas

Yasunori Sakakibara studied at the Tama University of Arts five years of visual arts (oil painting) and has received numerous awards. Since 1994 he has done regular solo and group exhibitions, participated at art fairs participation and works in public and private collections at Japan and Guam.

What is the major thing you look for when selecting a subject for your artwork?   

I am basically a realism painter. I try to describe the details of our world by traditional oil and egg tempera painting technique which is very important for me.Yes,"details of the world "! I am Japanese. I am not sure that is reason, but I feel myself I have a sense of view of the world with a kind of "Animism"

So I tend to make choice my motif from real fieldwork by traveling foreign countries. Of course I think that for art, imagination and philosophy, stable view of the world, universality is important. And we have to find them on everywhere, in everything.

Why do I look for motifs in traveling? Traveling means "escaping" from ordinary world, ordinary habits to think, act and communicate. I think that we can become free and fight against our problems in our life by escaping sometime from our community or regular habits. I release every objects of the world from their own location, system of meanimgs.This is "simplify”. This process is important for myself.

On the other hand, I do not forget to experience and enjoy every local characteristics, and historical culture.

What do you consider your greatest artistic challenge? 

All earthly things pass away. But artworks can preserve and hand down to the next generation that "emotion" "sense" "thinking" "impression”. Creating artworks goes against the current of the time. But great act of human. Secondly, we can know many different cultures and communicate worldwide. Creating artworks has great power for discovery; each other .We can expand our view of the world and find our own friends beyond the age and location.

You have been to India nearly eight times. How does this feels like to be in India?

My first trip to India started from Kolkata in the month of March in the year 2005.The most important purpose of repetitive traveling to India is getting rid of a difference of experience between Japan and India. In Japan, death and other deep human activity are hidden from ordinary space. Major Japanese tend to demand to act, think, be member of his community each other indirectly. Showing one’s personality is not welcomed. Old town and buildings are easily demolished. We Japanese lost direct reality of life instead of clean city space, convenient life.

In India everything is vivid, massive, strong texture, visible many different religion and philosophies and of course artworks and architectures. Through my India experience, I want to discover myself.

One memorable experience you could never forget about?

I was looking for good location for sketching all day. The place was a seaside on the edge of "Izu" peninsula, a big cliff. When it was almost sunset time and thought I wouldn’t find a good motif. But I did not give up. I went down to the cliff; finally I found brilliant big view of cliff. Beyond religions I felt "The Creator".

What is your take on contemporary art scene?

Maybe I do not concern deeply after WW American contemporary art history. But of course we artists living this age should refer those adventure of Western Modern art history. Consistently "How can I complete painting work based on realism update"  I do not want to limit my artwork in Japanese art market.

In the world there are various types of concept, style. To say "what is the most major  art style now?" does not have strong effect now, I think. With thinking university, I think every artist should pursue their own critical mind.

What advice would you give to the new generation artists?

I hope new generation artists are not too obedient to critics and customers and public decency. People say too much "It is impossible. You can't do it(like us)". But you have to know that our critical ability is usually above than real creative ability. So we should be modest and confident in about our ability in a true meaning.

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